BEYBLADE IS NOT DEAD and heres some proof. Spring 2010 Hasbro is releasing a new generation of beyblade....................................

BeybladeMetalFusionLogo1.pngBeyblade metal fusion.
Spring 2010 Hasbro released their brand new line of beyblade products. The W.B.B.A "world beyblade battle association" is an official beyblade organization but has been sorta beaten out by the which is a completey fan run organization that holds their own tournaments, has a points system, a contest almost every month but most importantly it has a huge forum where thousands of post are posted each day by bladers from all around the world. Check out for more information. you can also go to for information on this topic.

The second season of beyblade is finaly herebeyblade_metal_masters_logo.jpg BEYBLADE METAL MASTERS, this is so far the best season of beyblade by hasbro due to not changing too many names or the parts of beyblades like the 90 and 85 tracks, if only they would release the bey launcher L, who knows maybe they will release it season three.poop2.jpg
Here are a couple of the brand new tops (Left) Meteo L-drago (RIght) Galaxy Pegasis,and the triple battle stadium which allows you to switch between three differrent centers or cores that change the movement of the tops by different slants or indents in the in shape of a spiral or just strait lines.